This Week In Chinese Football: Vice Minister Zhao Speaks Out About National Side

Chinese Super League News

Today’s “This Week In Chinese Football” includes a wide range of things from football in China. From National to Amateur. From the new Chinese League Two requirements set from the Chinese FA to a long term Chief Executive leaving one Chinese Super League side for another. Let’s get straight to this week’s news.

From Shanghai To Dalian; Zhou Jun Has His Sights Set Elsewhere

Long term Chief Executive of Shanghai Shenhua, Zhou Jun has announced he is leaving Shenhua and is set to become Chief Executive of Dalian Yifang.

From when he signed up with Shanghai Shenhua in 2009, he was able to help bring in players such as Nicolas Anelka, Didier Drogba and Carlos Tevez. He’ll be looking to do the same with Dalian.

Excuses From Embarrassed Zhao Yong?

After a disappointing international break which included a traumatic 6-0 defeat to Wales, China’s Vice Minister Of Sport Zhao Yong claimed the side “can simply not play together as a national side as the all play for separate clubs regularly competing against each other.”

After that he went on to state that the only Chinese teams that can be considered as a “true Chinese national side” is the players that will be competing at the Olympics.

It certainly seems like quite a bit of a cop out from the Vice Minister, as you all know, 99% of national sides have to put up players regularly playing against each other, so his points don’t stand up in truth.

CFA Raise CL2 Requirements To Insure The Chinese Game Stays ‘Professional’

Over the past couple of days it was announced that the Chinese FA will be raising the bar for the requirements of amateur clubs to make the step up to the semi professional/professional ranks of Chinese League Two and above. They have done it for the reasons they feel it’ll stabilise the top three tiers making them a more professional setting.

With the stronger requirements needed to make the step up, it’ll most likely mean most of the amateur clubs will either cut their ambition entirely, or completely opposite and try and make the step up.

Lhasa Chengtou’s Unacceptance Not All It Seems

One of the teams subjected to being rejected to Chinese League Two at the start of the season Lhasa Chengtou have only just now found out the real reason they were rejected. The Tibetan side first thought they were rejected because of the tough conditions for opposing teams as they play so far above sea level.

But in fact it turns out it was because their pitch is artificial and the CFA only want grass pitches. Quite the surprise considering there are many cases where the artificial pitches have been used in China and all over the world.

So it makes you question what the real motives are. I’m not up for political discussion today at the moment so I won’t go any further into that right now.

Apologetic Alan Set To Face Stiff Penalty

After he purposely elbowed a Tianjin Quanjian defender on Friday, Alan has become apologetic about it after he found out that he’ll get a minimum of six games and a maximum penalty of until the end of the season.

Some may say it’s harsh, but at least it’ll stop players from doing it in future.