This Week In Chinese Football Part 2: WTF Is Happening In CL2?

Chinese Super League News

An unexpected extra edition of your weekly Chinese football news, but as so much has happened, all of us at Chinese Super League UK thought we’d treat you to more. Over the past couple of days, the Chinese League Two has sorted out the issues it’s had, if not in a crazy way with three sides swapping places while plenty of women’s action took place including the draw for the U20’s Women’s World Cup.

CL2 Madness Made Official

Only a few days ago we brought you the news that stated five clubs were denied their right of access to play in the 2018 Chinese League Two season. Now made official, three clubs have lost their CL2 place with the other two clubs out of five not willing to move up the league. The three clubs that lost their CL2 spot are Chengdu Qianbao, Shanghai Jujusports and what would have been the first Tibetan side to play in China’s top three tiers, Lhasa Chengtou who were ruled out by the CFA due to high altitude problems.

The three teams replaced those are sides who weren’t officially promoted, one of which finished an overall 11th in the amateur leagues. These teams are Shenzhen Pengcheng, Sichuan Jiuniu and Fujian Tianxin.

The two sides that exercised the right to not go up are Zhaoqing Hengtai and Qiqihar Zhongjian. As of this, two of the four (as only two were already originally relegated, one from each league, supposed to be two from each) worst sides from the north and south divisions in Chinese League Two were given a second chance, therefore, staying up for the 2018 season. They’ll certainly be hoping to make good on the opportunity. These two clubs are Baotou Nanjiao and Shenyang Dongjin.

Let’s hope there can be stability now for the whole of this season and in the future.

U20 Woman’s World Cup Draw Announced

On Thursday the U20 Woman’s World Cup draw was finalised. The tournament, which is being held in France, is a great opportunity for the young Chinese woman to show they can perform on the big stage; as well as a chance for the rest of the nation’s to shine and put woman’s football in a positive light. Of the 16 Nations taking part, China have been placed in Group D with strong group favourites Germany as well as Nigeria and Haiti who will likely have a three-way battle to determine who’ll get the second spot. Other Asian Nations in the U20WWC include Japan, who’ll face Paraguay, Spain and the all-stars of the USA; whilst Korea DPR (North Korea) will face England, Mexico and Brazil.

The action will start on the 5th of August and on the 24th of the very month a new Woman’s U20 World Champion will be crowned.

China Get Their First And Only Win In The Algarve Cup

After a pretty unsuccessful Algarve Cup losing to Portugal, Norway and Australia, the Chinese Woman’s National side finally got their first win in the 11th place playoff game (out of 12 sides). With the U20s doing so well getting to the U20 World Cup it was a shame to see China’s main side not do so well, especially considering they can certainly hold their own.

Anyway, in the 11th place playoff game China faced Russia. The Russian Sofia Shishkina opened the scoring getting the goal on the 40-minute mark.

However, a strong second half showing for China swung the game in their favour with Shanshan Liu and Duan Song scoring in the 53rd and 78th minutes respectively.

Overall not the best showing in the Algarve Cup but nonetheless at least they managed to get a win in the end.

After all of the crazy goings-on in the CL2 I’d thought to remind you that the Chinese League One and Two seasons begin while the Super League continues on to the round two fixtures.

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