Ivo: I wished to be naturalised

In March, ex-Henan striker Ivo returned to China after a long absence. He was interviewed by Soccer newspaper on 27th.


Q: First of all, you are very welcome to return to China. You returned to Zhengzhou not long ago. How did the scene bring you back?

Ivo: Due to the impact of the previous epidemic, many players could not return to China smoothly to continue their football career. Now that I can come back, I am very happy. What I think about now is that I can return to the Chinese league as soon as possible.

I went to Henan first, and now I am in Shenzhen. What I didn’t expect is that even in Shenzhen, there are still many fans coming to me to take pictures. This is a great sense of presence. I can feel that I am still in the presence of Chinese fans. There is such a place in my heart.


Q: Why did you choose to return to China during this period?

It has been a year since I left China. During this time in Brazil, I also had my own club and kept training. I came back at this time because this time period is the time when the various clubs gather. There are also clubs in China who are negotiating contracts with me. This is the reason why I came back. Hope to start the next cooperation with the new club as soon as possible.


Q: When you were in Henan, did you go back to the club to have a look, seeing old acquaintances, very kind, right? Have you talked about something?

This time I came back to the Henan Club and met with many old friends. I have been in Henan for such a long time, I have many friends, and there are also many fans who like me. I am very happy to meet you all. I also see that many fans hope that I can return to Henan Club again, but at present, the next thing with Henan Club may not be very clear, but the club has given me a lot of help and treated me very kindly.


Q: I haven’t heard from you for more than a year. Tell us about what you have been doing in this time.

I have my own school and youth training club in Brazil, and at the same time I have been training and playing in low-level clubs in local cities. The club is at the Brazilian state level, but its strength is actually very high. I’m also following youth football. I am also doing youth football business with my friends in Macau, China, and I have also been to Macau for this reason. What I have always thought is that being able to extend my career for two or three years is my plan.


Q: When you left China, many Henan fans still felt very sudden. You are the captain and the king of aviation. What is the reason that you left?

It was very sudden to leave at the beginning. From my own point of view, I really didn’t expect that there would be no follow-up after the contract expired. I had no choice but to go back to Brazil to maintain my form, complete some of my football-related careers in Brazil, and wait for a new opportunity to return to China.


Q: During the time you left China, what was the most memorable thing about China?

To be precise, I have been away from China for 1 year and 4 months. During this time, I have been thinking about returning to the Chinese league. The way I play football in China and the professional leagues in China are what worry me the most.


Q: What kind of existence is the Chinese League in your career?

Ivo: For me, the 7 years in China are the most golden time in my career, and also the most meaningful 7 years, because it has made me here and has become the fulcrum of my football career. I have feelings for Chinese football, and I hope to bring China’s professional league and youth football to a new level.


Q: Does it mean giving the best of yourself to the Chinese professional league?

Yes, I just gave the best of myself and the best state to the professional league in China. In the past 7 years, I have really done my best. During that time, some clubs in Brazil actually approached me and wanted me to go back, but I enjoyed playing in China very much and I wanted to keep my best self here.


Q: What is the most enjoyable moment that the Chinese league has brought you?

I really enjoy the joy of playing at home. Whether it’s relegation or the critical moments involved in the outcome of each battle, I enjoy it. What I like most is the fans cheering for the team on the field.


Q: You have played in China for 7 years. We Chinese say it is a seven-year itch. What kind of emotion do you have about Chinese football and China?

I may not quite understand the so-called seven-year itch in China, but seven years will cause distance and separation among many people. For me, first of all, I love football, and the happiness it brings me is unparalleled. Secondly, I love China very much. Living and working in China for the past 7 years has made me deeply fond of this country. So I prefer to come back to China and continue my career for the rest of my career whether it is two or three years. As long as there are clubs in China that need me, I can give everything at any time.


Q: You also mentioned just now that there are Chinese professional teams that are interested in you. What are the reasons that affect your choice?

For me, I definitely want to join a club that has the desire to survive, and has the desire and pursuit of achievements and goals. Such a club is the most attractive to me.


Q: The football market in China is no longer what it used to be. What do you think of the current demand for foreign aid in Chinese professional leagues?

The football I understand is that every country’s league has highs and lows. This is a cycle, and we have to treat it rationally. I hope that Chinese football can quickly return to the normal cycle track. This will be conducive to the development of professional leagues, and it will also allow more players with ideas and abilities to come to China to participate in the competition.


Q: You won’t allow yourself to cater to the Chinese football environment in this low period?

For me, first of all, I will not play match-fixing, nor will I cater for the sake of catering. I will only do it according to the standards of a professional player. Now I’m not looking for money, but to extend my own career as long as possible.