Chinese Football Reporters React to Wu Xinghan Mistress’s Big Accusation

As Wu Xinghan’s (Or Piao Zhenghuan, or Liu Peng, whatever his real name is) alleged mistress makes ever more sensational accusations, including Wu saying ‘everything in Chinese Football is cheating’, members of Chinese Football Media reacts:


Gu Ying, Tianjin Daily

According to my understanding, Shandong Taishan club can’t have the minimum PR ability. On the issue of Wu Xinghan, the reason why all the way did not take a stand, the biggest possibility is that they have always known more and more comprehensively than the outside world did. The various points of time at which outside world think that they should take a stand, from the club’s point of view to, are not very good given the circumstances and things we do not know, or based on the worry about subsequent developments…… as things stand, it is rather curious that if they should, or can say on certain things..


Li Pingkang, Ximalaya Sports

Finally, honestly this is far beyond doubt. But there are such clues out in the open, I believe the relevant departments must be able to investigate to the hilt!

The fans asked whether such chat records should be considered evidence. As I said before on my microblog, this WeChat record and the previous live recording of Dai X can not be considered direct evidence. But such a straightforward expression of involving “fake ball” “gambling”, is considered a smoking gun. After the whistleblower to provide these clues to relevant departments can follow the clue, and conduct an in-depth investigation, the truth will naturally fall out!

Wu Xinghan’s problem, the club should really come out to take a stand. There is no doubt they know more than the outside world does. This time still want to stay out of it. That is not responsible for their own club image!

It is two months since this Wu Xinghan’s matter happened, right? None of the Shandong team reporters spoke out, which really is a shame. Whatever happened to the Shandong men’s sense of justice, which has always been admired? Perhaps you have something “unspeakable. But at this point still pretend that nothing has happened, really let people look down on!


Li Xuan, Soccer Newspaper

This kind of player is not expelled or dealt with, waiting for the New Year?

Clubs that are suspected of playing fake football, tremble!

The vicious scandal keeps fermenting, I thought he might end up socially dead, banned and out of the industry, but I didn’t think that there was a possibility of jail.

Wu Xinghan’s wife brags about her strength and background every day, come on, let’s all see it together and see how she deal with these things.


Miao Yuan, Sike Football

This series of things of Wu Xinghan attributing to Shandong Taishan senior management and manager can not be fair. These things are mainly his personal feelings and habits of talking. The selection of a spouse, cheating or not, these are things even parents can not control, not to mention the company leadership.

As for the putting about fake ball, gambling daily on the mouth, is the management of making him shut up is a good thing? There are problems and to say it out loud is good for the fans and the public to help the investigation and fairness, there is no natural way to prove that he is innocent. Complete covering-up can not be said to be good management. Covering up for a long time and the skeleton comes out of the cupboard later, the consequences are more serious.

“Super League are all fake” is certainly not right, but there is a tacit ‘cooperation’ between teams or even fake ball gambling is certain. And the League One? These two years are the most prevalent.


Han Bing, Soccer Newspaper

Previously, Wu Xinghan’s private life was exposed, at least those things basically did not involve anything illegal. But this time was reported by a big name involved in gambling, which will have to be strictly investigated. Whether the whistleblower, or the reported Wu Xinghan, should bear their respective legal responsibilities. I hope that the relevant departments involved in a full and thorough investigation, Wu Xinghan must prove his innocence, otherwise not only his career is over, he will also face jail time.

If this is the tip of the iceberg of Chinese football’s fakeness and illegal gambling, hopefully this can be used to strike hard, so that Chinese football can get a chance to clean themselves.


Xu Jiang, Sohu Sports

All Ji’nan Cultural Tourism’s (Shandong Taishan majority owner) public relations department can do is pretending to have seen nothing? How many things have happened since the climbing of Mount Tai last year? Such a big public relations crisis, doing nothing?


Shen Wei, Tianjin Daily

To say that the Chinese Super League is all fake football, I do not believe. But to say there is none whatsoever, I guess most people do not believe, either. This Wu matter is just bragging with outsiders, or the real thing, it is worth the relevant departments to investigate, otherwise it would be too unjustified.

A player under the command having this, Taishan should let Wu down and issue an official statement. Players looking for a spouse need to be more cautious, Wu’s is running to ruin him.


Xu Jiang, Sohu Sports

Chinese football scrapes the bones, and the opportunity to usher in new life is coming.


Zhao Zhen, Soccer Newspaper

The response of the players and the club in this matter of Wu Xinghan is basically a negative score, a matter that could have been resolved peacefully finally became a storm and also becoming bigger and bigger.