Local Paper: Shandong Not Re-Assemble until Late March

Shandong Luneng FC

According to Taian Daily reporter Niu Zhiming, Shandong Taishan will not have a full squad until the end of March, and Cryzan may not be able to play in the Super Cup.


The report pointed out that according to the original plan, the last year’s runners-up intended to go to Japan for training and training, but circumstances have intervened. The original plan did not come true. In the near future, Taishan will stay in Ji’nan for training, and the coaching team is actively contacting warm-up opponents to play more preseason warm-up games in March to help the whole team adjust to the game. The Chinese Super League is basically set to start in mid-April, leaving Taishan with only about one month of training time, so the coaching team has a lot of work to do.


The Coming of the Sons (and other people)

As for the foreign aid, Son Jun-ho, the South Korean defensive midfielder, has already returned to the team, he has participated in the team’s training and is in good physical condition. The anchorman for the team has had a meaningful World Cup experience and brought to China his family of wife and two children, who had to stay in Korea due to Covid restrictions. The rest of the foreign players will return to the team one by one. As originally Taishan plans to go to Japan for training, so the foreign players were ready to go to Japan. With the preseason training plan changed, the foreign players’ return trip will also change accordingly. Should no surprises come up, Taishan’s foreign players from last season will return to the team, as none of the contracts expired.



In the new season, Taishan team will face more challenges, including the return of the regular international travel that comes with a berth in the continental competition. This edition’s Champions League has been changed across two calendar years. Whether the adjustment of the team can meet the expectations is subject to many factors. And the coaching team can only face up to the task. From the vantage point of here and now, Shandong Taishan will not be able to put together a complete lineup until the end of March, when the members of the national teams will return to the team, and foreign players will also recover to a match-ready state.


The Opponent

Taian Daily also stated that in early April, the Super Cup battle between Taishan and Wuhan Three Towns would also attract more attention and set the tone for the top flight for the new year. Wuhan Three Town’s talilsman Marcao has left the team for greener pastures, and they have signed new foreign striker Abdul-Aziz Yakubu to make up for the team’s front-line strength. With Cryzan suspended for the Super Cup as he was shown a red card in the final of last season’s FA Cup, Taishan’s frontline line adjustments will also be a key.